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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  October 29, 2013 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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officers plan to treat sex offenders on halloween night. >> reporter: we will see law enforcement target a small number of sex offenders to get them off the street. but there's other areas that want to ban all sex offenders from participating on halloween and that effort has failed. we know of two things 2-year- old christopher likes to do that's to run and trick or treat. >> i love taking him trick or treating. candy she loves candy. >> reporter: his mother also looks forward to halloween and supports laws that stops sexual predators from participating such as putting out decorations or giving out candy. >> if you're on megan's law list don't bother. we don't want our kids around you. >> reporter: every year, parolees are banned from decorating or keeping porch lights lit on halloween night. but that only applies to
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parolees. the city of orange in southern california passed an ordnance to force all sex offenders to put a warning sign on their front door on halloween night. but a group called california reform sex offenders law fought them in court and won. we talked to that group's founder via face time. >> there are no reported incidents of a child being sexually assaulted on halloween by trick or treating by a sex offender than again it is a solution looking for a problem. >> reporter: that group considers laws targeting sex offendsers on halloween to be unconstitutional. but not mark class -p. >> they can go on to the megan's law website and find out every one of these characters that lives within their community. and they can then target those houses and tell their children which houses specifically to stay away from. >> reporter: but class say it is best weapon is to use the megan's list map. what would jessica see if she looked. more than a dozen sex offenders in her community and where they live. >> i think i might this year.
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>> reporter: in operation boo, sex offenders who are parolees will be told to stay inside their homes and those who are transients will be rounded up and taken to so called transient holding centers for halloween. in alameda, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on california' offenders. there are 81,000 men and women listed on the megan's law data base. of those 75,000 are living in communities across the state. while 21,000 are incarcerated in state prison or local jail. others have been deported. and of those registered 16,000 have or are in violation of megan's law. for example they failed to register their address with their local police station. you can search for registered sex offenders who live in your neighborhood on the megan's law website. and you can find it by going to
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our website and looking under web links. one week after the shooting death of a santa rosa teen by a sheriff's deputy and many in the community are still outraged by what happened. today the sheriff had a private meeting with representatives of the latino community. there was also a day long rally and a march. allie rasmus was there and joins us live. >> reporter: at one point there were about 1,000 people who had gathered in front of the sonoma police station. but they want the sheriff's office to make some changes. protesters sent that message to sonoma county sheriff deputy, as though deputies stood guard around the sheriff's office and the roof. the shooting death of 13-year- old andy lopez by a sonoma county sheriff deputy has
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outranged the community. the rally was put together by a latino group m.e.c.h.a. >> some people heard this had been organized by occupy oakland, by answer, that they were bringing bus loads of people here and it had not been organized by them. >> reporter: members of several other citizen groups heard about the protest and did take buses from oakland and other parts of the area to come here to attend. john burres spoke to the crowd today. he's the attorney who represented the oscar grant family after oscar grant was killed by a b.a.r.t. police officer. dion smith another mother who spoke at the event, said her son died in an officer involved shooting in stockton two years ago. >> it's not just santa rosa it's a problem too because it affects all of us. as a mother, as a citizen as any community. >> reporter: some of the people who came here today said they
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would like the deputy involved in this officer involved shooting to face criminal charges. others said they would like a police criminal reviews board to have more oversight of the sonoma county sheriff's office. we'll have to wait and see if either of those things happen. allie rasmus. a funeral is being held for andy lopez at this hour. friends wearing white t-shirts carried in the boy's casket just about a half hour ago. lopez was shot and killed a week ago today. the sonoma county sheriff department says he was carrying a very realistic air soft toy gun but it didn't have the usual orange barrel on the tip or the orange tip on the barrel rather that designated it as a replica or a pellet gun. lopez was told to drop the gun twice but he turned toward the deputy with the barrel of the gunpointing toward the deputy. the case of a patient found dead in a stairwell at san francisco general hospital is taking another bizarre turn.
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57-year-old lin spalding was found dead in a stairwell. now they can't find the man who discovered her body. the man believed to be a hospital employee informed a supervisor who then contacted the sheriff's department. but it took more than four days for spalding's body to be discovered. the suspect is an asian man about 5'8", he was wearing a blue dress shirt, hospital identification and possibly a tie. state lawmakers said today they will investigate an accident that killed two b.a.r.t. workers on a track. they will hold a meeting in san francisco. the head of that committee roger hernandez of southern california said the accident raises serious concerns about workplace safety at b.a.r.t. a b.a.r.t. train struck and killed chris shepherd and larry daniels as they worked on the tracks on
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october 19th. b.a.r.t. train operator, station agents and other employees are casting votes on their proposed contracts. the results should be in by the end of the week. the atu and the seiu have distributed the contracts to their members and union officials say the votes should be counted by friday night or saturday morning. the unions and b.a.r.t. management tentatively agreed to contract terms last week after a four day strike. san jose police say they are making progress in their battle against gang violence. new crimes statistics on gang related violence were released by the department today and they show a 43% drop in homicides. a 10% drop on aggravated assaults. and a 7% drop in simple gang related assaults. the question now, can the department keep that trend going? ktvu's robert handa has more information on a new proposal to do just that. robert-- >> reporter: well we're in an
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area san jose police would consider a success story. but that crack down took a lot of resources. and now that police are scaling back, some people here worry about gang problems coming back. it's quiet in the virginia area of east san jose and people here want it to stay that way. a gang related homicide here in june helped crack down on police. >> crime is going down. that is what i like. you don't see a lot of activity around the neighborhood. and the kids feel safer. >> reporter: the crack down took a lot of money and resources. police transitioned to a scale down version but still target gang hot spots. >> only time will tell but for now it seems to be working. we'll have to see how long we can continue with this plan. >> reporter: today councilman sam lecardo proposed a plan to retain more officers from the
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san jose police academy. ricardo wants to offer zero interest loans the city would pay back while graduates work as officers in san jose if they leave early, as about 17 plan to do this year the city they go to would pay back the loan. >> the truth is we need more officers. and no matter how hard they work, there is no substitute for having more officers out there on the street. >> we're paying the expense to train them. we would like for them to stay here for a few years at least. >> reporter: the police union criticized the proposal saying licardo and reed helped cause the problems with pay cuts. many people we talked to say they hope something could be worked out to keep the crack downgoing. >> i would like more protection. >> reporter: police say it will be continuously reevaluating the program and point out it could take several years to work out a year round model. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. a search is under way for a san jose man who went mining for gold almost a week ago in
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nevada county. 65-year-old walter stevers went to one of his favorite spots in the yuba river to mine for gold last wednesday. he was due back home over the weekend but did not return. a group of about 40 volunteers are out searching for stevers. his vehicle was found in a parking area but so far they haven't been able to find him. new at 6:00, a couple in lake county has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against usf medical center. rod and katy joseph says that officials knew that drinking water was contaminated with the bacteria that causes legionnaires disease. their 7 -month-old son died from the disease after being treated at the hospital. the lawsuit which is seeking unspecified damages. two other people died after drinking the contaminated at ucsf. and more details now on
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legionnaire's disease. it's a potentially deadly form of pneumonia carried by bacteria that thrive in stagnant water. the name legionnaires disease was coined back in 1976 when people attending a convention legions in pennsylvania came down with the illness. another frost advisory for parts of the bay area. how low temperatures could get tonight and when warmer weather is on tap. >> the governor vetoed this gun control. but this time will be different. the new developments in this story coming up. billions of the dollars set aside to help homeowners prevent foreclosure. so why isn't anybody actually getting the help. >> someone probably in washington needs a reality check.
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new at 6:00, billions of
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the federal dollars pleasant to go to america's hardest hits in america's housing crisis haven't even been handed out. even though the program was launched three years ago. as ktvu's tom vacar shows us this fund and many others are languishing in bang accounts while homes go on the auction block. >> reporter: of the $7.6 billion the u.s. treasury department allocated california got 2 million. but only 18% got to homeowners. >> people are not educated. they are not getting the word out. >> reporter: keith rockmale of bay area resource a nonprofit coalition of real estate tax who assist homeowners in trouble say there's lots of reasons. >> not saying it's not possible, but you know they just get beating down by the system and that the guidelines are so strict that they really can't qualify. >> you get a flat rate to work with a consumer. >> reporter: the green lining
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institute says helping homeowners to work through mountains of applications requires help from experienced counselors who the treasury does not pay enough to do all the work. >> they don't actually have a real plan of action for how to compensate or adequately compensate. the direct line of commune -- commune case -- communication and help the community get to where they need. >> reporter: that's just one of many funds in the state and other states and nationally that simply are failing to get the money where it's truly needed. >> a lot of these programs are created by agencies that have no connection to real communities. unfortunately that outreach and the implementation just has been missing. >> reporter: and that is costing lots of homes. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. under pressure these programs are being improved and made easier for homeowners to apply to. we've posted some of the most important resources on our website just click on
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hot topics. a 16-year-old boy will stand trial in the shooting death of an off duty south bay paramedic. christian burton is being tried as an adult for allegedly shooting 34-year-old quinn bowyer during a carjacking attempt in the oakland hills last april. a judge ruled there is enough evidence for the case to go the trial. the victim's widow was in court for today's preliminary hearing. >> there is no happy ending no matter what happens in court. there's loss all around for everyone. and all we can do is lean on each other and be there for each other. >> reporter: burton has pleaded not guilty to the charges which include special circumstances since the killing happened during an attempted carjacking. if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parol. the teen is due back in court next month. new developments now on the push for more gun control laws here in california. a law meant to keep unsafe guns off the streets is expected to
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make another appearance in the state legislature. sacramento assemblyman dickerson says his deal would have restricted the guns and modified guns which no longer meet safety standards. governor jerry brown signed 11 gun laws this fall but vetoed another dozen including assemblyman dickerson's. >> it's also something of a surprise. because i had a similar bill last year that was vetoed by the governor. so we modified this bill and still didn't get his approval and that's of course surprising. >> reporter: assemblyman dickerson says he will reintroduce the bill when lawmakers return to work in sacramento. richardson police are using a new technology to recover stolen vehicles. when a car comes up stolen police are immediately alerted. last year richmond had the
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highest auto theft in the nation. auto theft is down 3% since cameras were installed last may. high temperatures today were about like yesterday. maybe a little bit cooler we had a lot of cloud cover. no wind but cloud cover and that kept things in the cool side until later on in the day. sun came out and you got to 65. and the hot spot if you will would be santa rosa at 66- degree. tomorrow's daytime highs will be slightly warmer. if you're traveling tomorrow look at all that is heading out into the plains and upper northwest into if ohio river valley. some delays are to be expected. we're in the dry zone. you can see this system right here as it sort of moves off. i will telestrate it for you. 2-1/2 feet of snow in the sierra in the highest locations. that's a lot of snow for this time of year. i mean we've had more snow early in the season but that was a pretty good snow event.
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if you're in the lake tahoe area you know what i'm talking about. forecast highs tomorrow are going to be warmer than today. these are the current numbers. temperatures tomorrow are going to make it easy into the 60s. mid-60s and maybe some upper 60s. before that happens we have a frost advisory again second night in a row for the north bay hills above 1,000 feet. for just areas of frost. that doesn't mean that you won't see frost because in places outside of santa rosa and outside of sebasta pool you're going to see some frost. 39degrees for the overnight lows in napa. it's going to be colder in places around napa. but you can find mid-30s. overnight lows and tonight very cold. tomorrow warmer than it was today and the extended forecast continues with that slight warming trend. so we're going to run into a very nice period here. 69 in vacaville that's the forecast high. 68 in fairfield.
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fire danger is always a threat but we're not seeing any in the next five days. very important for the kids, no rain in the forecast on halloween night. temperatures trend on their way up on friday. maybe peak on friday. start to cool a little bit on saturday and into sundays. no rain in the forecast. but we have snow in the mountains so significant snow. big wind here, big snow there. >> we thought last night with deborah up in the mountains. and a man has been charged with stealing thousands of computer equipment. teachers discovered the theft and called police yesterday morning. school officials would only say computer equipment was stolen but parents told us the items included several laptop computers and i pads. the expectations are high for the golden state warriors. we hear from the players as
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they get ready for their season opener in oakland tomorrow night. but first it is time to check in with gasia in the newsroom for a look at what's coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> a 13-year-old is being remembered tonight. coming up at 7:00 we take you back to santa rosa where andy torrez is being remembered. we have reaction from mourners there. now hiring for the new 49ers stadium. the part time job paying $55 an hour on game days. join us at 7:00 on tv 36.
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is this flu shot necessary? it keeps you healthy during flu season. but does it hurt? nah. plus you get a really sweet bandaid! anything else i should know? here's a thought, try scoring more points on the other team. okay. even a warrior can get sick. kaiser permanente reminds you to get your flu shot this season.
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linked in posted third quarter revenue of $393 million. that's up 56% jump from a year ago. while linked in is gaining a lot of users, they posted a loss in the fourth quarter. if you fly, passengers can now borrow i pads and watch tv on the flights wifi network free of charge. that's only for flights between oakland and chicago.
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the service is part of a deal between southwest and dish tv. the airline says the perk is available right now and passengers have to alert gate agents to get an i pad before they board their flight. >> all right, mark is here now to talk about the nba which starts its season tonight. and the warriors are starting tomorrow. >> i don't have to tell you guys i think expectations for the warriors probably higher than they've been in 25 years. really i mean someone on espn even picked them to win the eastern conference and go to the final if you can believe that. but they did not play despite those expectations particularly well in the preseason. that didn't mean a whole lot. a few any faces, injury or two. and they figured a gel morris continues. and that is a thought echoed by the newest new name, andre iguodala. >> i have an advantage because we're going to be a lot better at the end of the year because we have so many different guys
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getting used to each other. played hard, played good basketball. lakers tomorrow as a matter of fact, sam's coby will be here. he's injured. we got a little world sere -- series to talk about. the cardinals with their backs up against the wall and they need to win to force a game seven. big papi over .700. and this is the big rally that got the win against the cards. doesn't hurt that they have the youngster michael wacka working for them. >> have michael come out and throw a big game once again. we were in the spot backed up where we had to have a win. it's not something we haven't seen before. >> we'll be fine. we'll come out and try to play hard and try to win a game on game six and go from there.
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that's all we can do. >> there's not a whole lot more you can say. we will say the game will be right here. >> i'm still feeling seven. seven. >> thanks mark. you pay your toll but hundreds of thousands of the dollars are crossing by area bridges for free. tonight on the 10:00 news how they're doing it and not getting caught. and we are always here for you on facebook and twitter. thanks for joining us. have a great night we'll be back at 10:00. >> good night. six- six- [dog barking]
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